Piano covers,
played by me,
by ear,
for you.
♬ ♪ ♩ ♫
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Planetshakers - Beautiful Saviour

Beautiful Saviour

Original English Version (Beautiful Saviour)

Artist: Planetshakers
Year: 2008
Initial key: G major

Mandarin Version (榮美的救主)

Artist: Joshua Band 約書亞樂團
Album: Beautiful Saviour 榮美的救主
Year: 2007
Initial key: G major


Jesus, Beautiful Savior
God of all majesty, risen King

Lamb of God, holy and righteous
Blessed Redeemer, bright morning star

All the heavens shout Your praise
All creation bows to worship You

How wonderful, How beautiful
Name above every name, exalted high
How wonderful, How beautiful
Jesus your name
Name above every name

I will sing forever
Jesus I love you
Jesus I love you

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  1. Use this talent of yours to connect to the world for Christ